Mid-Century Brutalist Architectural Mounted Clay Sculpture, Signed

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Not totally my usual thing, but I have an affinity for all things Brutalist, buildings and ceramics most particularly, and this ceramic sculpture certainly feels very much like tabletop architecture to me. (Of course, being not so much of a purist myself, I also see  its many rooms and platforms as very conducive to the display of lots of little creatures!) It is signed (incised) on the underside near the base, but the mounting makes it a bit hard to see underneath to read it--it looks perhaps like Thomas Wed (or Weo, or ???) to me, which has lead me nowhere. Late 60s/early 70s I would think, and very much best viewed in the round.

14" tall x x 7 1/8" x 6 3/4". Very good condition, no cracks or visible chips, just minor surface wear here and there.