Mid-Century Modern Bright White Ceramic Vase with Colorful, Painterly Spots

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Such a luscious vase! Definitely mid-century and Italian I believe (the white glazed bottom is common to Bitossi), but I am not 100% certain as it is unmarked and I have not found another like it), this vase feels rather like a second generation AbEx painting, with its painterly big black and green spots topped with drippy orange blobs here and there. These really pop against the super bright white ground, giving this piece a striking elegance in addition to its quintessential MCM-ness. A nicely sized, versatile vase, this would be great filled with all sorts of bright and cheerful flowers, from spring daffodils to fall mums. 

In excellent condition, it measures 7” tall x 2 3/4” diameter at widest; 1 3/4” across at lip and at base.