Mid 19th Century Watercolor and Gouache Pink Roses, From Sister to Brother

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Very frequently, I find one thing in a particular genre that becomes a gateway the seeking more of the same! One example of late are antique friendship paintings of flowers: a wonderful study of variations on a theme, and what a lovely thing for a friend or sibling to give to another, in this case a sister to her brother, I believe in either 1841 or 1847 (it appears to be dated at lower right, following the inscription from the "affectionate sister" who painted it. ) I understand from the seller that this was found in a 1840's book in the attic of a very old estate--I love the image of that discovery, and also think it's quite a beauty of a painting, which I especially love for the combination of very thorny looking stem and buds in perfect contast to the soft, lush pink petals of the big blooming rose. Moody, and metaphorical! 

6 7/8" w x 7 1/2" t.  Some scattered staining and wear, mostly around the edges, and a little bit of paint loss on a few of the green leaves, where it appears there may have been a bit of gold or glitter used also. Altogether, quite finely done and it reads very bright and lush, almost jumping off of the paper, which is watermarked at upper left.