Mid 19th C. Watercolor Portrait of Catherine Leida Hibbard, Richmond, Indiana in Wonderful Period Frame

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A difficult one to shoot due to glare from the glass, but a lovely watercolor portrait of a lovely woman I think, who is identified in a handwritten note on the back of the frame as Catherine Leida Hibbard of Richmond, Indiana, 1827-1868--and between her kind face, the elaborate frame (encircling her in gold and purple velvet) and the note on the back I have to believe this Catherine was very well loved! I'd guess she was in her early 20s or so when captured here, so believe the portrait dates to right around 1850. I just can't get enough of portraits lately, especially antique miniature watercolored ones--such beautiful, care-invested, enduring artifacts of specific lives lived, which just cry out to me to be brought home. 

In original mid 19th c. gesso over wood frame (with a wonderful back side.) 7 3/4" x 6 3/4" framed. There are a couple of thin vertical streaks on the watercolor itself, as documented. Otherwise both painting and frame in very good condition.