Mid 19th C. Wallpaper Collar Box with Newspaper Debate About Texas Statehood and Postal Rates

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I found this one along with the other I just listed, perhaps made by the same person, this one I think perhaps a few years earlier, as the newspaper on the underside features transcription of a senate debate relating to whether, now a state, Texas's debts should become the responsibility of the Federal government. (Texas became a state in 1845.) Of course I think like the think of the large, single, star-like flower on one side of the box as a nod to the Lone Star State! A bit of damage to the rim of the box itself, concealed by the lid, but very lovely and large enough for a large stash of love letters and other special things.

9 7/8 x 8” l x 6 3/8 t. Good overall condition, sound and pretty sturdy, with general wear and paper loss here and there. As noted, there is some loss to the rim of the box, as documented, concealed when well-fitting lid is on. The newspaper is on the underside of the box, interior is plain.