Mickey Doyle's How to Dress and Cut Deer, Ink Drawing Stapled to Hardboard

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Another Brimfield favorite---which the person who sold it to me had to take a picture of before parting with, not so much to remember the drawing as to remember how to properly dress a deer! Clearly the Mickey Doyle who drew it was quite proud of it, and I think must have referred to it often, as he stapled it to a piece of hardboard (and it was wrapped in plastic, too, I think perhaps to protect it from process-oriented staining!) I'm always looking for singular diagrammatic drawings but rarely find them, and especially love the inclusion of the necessary cutting tools as well as the comment of the flank being "no good."

8 1/2" x 6 1/8" as mounted to board. Plenty of light stains here and there and, all to the good.