Michael Lambert "Java Jig" Black Glazed Porcelain Sugar Bowl

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I love how this 1980s “Java Jig” porcelain sugar bowl by California ceramicist Michael Lambert (b. 1967) manages to feel totally cartoonish (I keep thinking it is actually going to start signing and dancing) but also pretty classy.  Lambert--who studied at College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and the Richmond Art Center, then opened his own studio in 1976 in Santa Cruz--created several different series of "dancing" coffee pots, sugar bowls and creamers in the 80s and 90s before closing his studio. His work has been collected and published widely, including featured on the cover of Ceramics Monthly.

The lidded sugar bowl measures 4.75"t x 6.25"w x 3"d, with an opening of 2" x 2.5". It is in excellent condition and signed on the bottom, to which protective pads were since added.