Mechanical Wooden Tabletop Wheel Turner Whimsy

Regular price $90.00

I have lots of love for the person who created this whimsical construction--no small effort, but definitely worth it for the delight and satisfaction it delivers! Move the lever at the far end up and down to get it going, then after a few ups and downs of the joints in the middle the wheels will start turning...and the more ups and downs the faster they go! And as it should be, the parts make a fair amount of clacking as they move, enhancing the pleasure of this wonderfully unproductive mechanical operation. A pretty great object, conversation piece, and/or gift for your favorite procrastinator!

15 3/8" long x 7 1/2" tall x 5 3/8". I think this piece has some age to it but is in great condition and works perfectly; the wheels are old and rusty, as certainly they were before incorporated into the piece.