Mauve Glazed Arts and Crafts Vase Presumed Zanesville

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Not fancy in the least and just the right amount of chunky, this is a great vase to fill with a few clipped lilac or hydrangea. I am pretty sure it is Zanesville c. 1920s--and a late iteration of the mold to where the the edges are softened and what was a incised decorative band near the top has lost most of its detail. And the thick mauve glaze shows big drips, which makes me like it even more! 

5 3/16" tall x 6 3/4" widest; 4 3/8" across at lip and 3" d at base. In good condition, with no chips or cracks; there is one spot of skipped glaze near the lip on one side. Stamped 104 on the underside. I'm including a photo of it with a set of vintage Bennington Potters mugs and plates listed separately as I love the color combo so much and think together they would make for the perfect coffee time set up!