Maurice A.Knight Company Huge Stoneware Funnel

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I love this thing! Such a beautiful form, with a gorgeous warm brown glaze--and just looking at it makes me want to do something industrious. Though I am not entirely certain what that might be, I imagine there is someone out there who really needs this!

It was handmade by the Maurice A. Knight Company in Akron, Ohio, which pioneered the development of corrosion-proof materials for the chemical industry in the U.S.-- previously reliant on chemical stoneware manufactured in England and Germany. Raising the status of American stoneware, the Maurice A. Knight Company developed Acid Proof Stone Ware products from vitreous ceramic, strong enough to be formed into large pieces of equipment like this huge funnel. I believe this funnel dates to the early 20th century.

12 1/2" tall x 12" widest. Narrow end of the funnel measures 1 3/4" across. Excellent condition; the only flaw is a small chip on the inside of the narrow end of the funnel, as pictured. The funnel is perfectly balanced and the narrow end flush; it stands up on its own.