Matchsticks Tramp Art Trivet / Tray / Wall Hanging

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What a lots of time, care, and patience must have gone into creating this fantastic tramp art large trivet or tray! Signed by a Linda Hyda and dating to the 1930s-1940s, it is composed of matchsticks: burned at their tips, arranged in a precise geometrical formation and glued to a solid wood panel. The striking contrast between the wood of the matchsticks and their charcoal tips, together with the way they are cut to different lengths and lined up perfectly side by side, yields a boldly graphic, truly stunning piece. And just think of the process of striking and blowing out each and every one of those matches!

While it could be displayed flat and/or used as a trivet or a tray, I might suggest mounting a hook on the back and hanging it where it be seen both up close and from a distance--really spectacular.

5.25" wide x 9.75" long x.75" deep. Very good condition, with just a couple of matchsticks missing from the very outside edge.