C. 1880s Albumen Print of Bronze Gazelle at Naples Museum

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I went back to my source to find one more of antique photograph of classical sculpture from the Naples Museum, after buying and selling a couple of others a few months ago--this one of a bronze gazelle found at Ercolana (Herculaneum), not far from Naples.  An albumen print c. 1880s I believe, it was probably acquired on a "Grand Tour." As noted in describing a set of early 20th c. photogravure postcards from the Archeological Museum in Athens, also listed today, there is something about antique photographs of ancient sculpture and statuary that really does it for me--and what a beautiful image this one is, making this stunning gazelle feel both otherworldly and completely full of life. 

Photograph measures 10" x 7 3/4". Good condition, with light creases and showing a bit lighter at corners from where they have been tucked into the slip for some 140 years. The laid paper slip shows some spotted toning around the edges, as pictured.  Slip measures 15 1/16" x 12"