Master Brown's 1820 British Calligraphy Practice Notebook with Spencerian Drawing

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Another beautiful antique British calligraphy practice notebook with hand-marbled cover, this one of a Master Samuel Brown, 1820. This one begins with a Spencerian  calligraphy drawing of a swan on the first inside page, then proceeds to page after page filled with juicy repeated words (banishment; kingsman; quicksilver) and phrases to live by: "Attempt not impossibilities"; "Be ever industrious"; "Beware of bad examples"; "Cautiously avoid temptations to extravagance"; "Disdain wicked intentions"; "Praise is animating"; "Too much loquacity discovers weak understanding"; "Keep from gaming"; "Governments are maintained by impartial justice"--many of which quite timely! Wonderful.

7 3/8" x 8 3/4". 22 pages filled front and back with the exception of no text on the backside of the first page drawing--so 43 page faces filled. Some staining to the inside cover as pictured, which shows very very subtly on the front cover. Sepia toned ink text is a bit lighter on some pages and darker on others but all completely readable and in very good condition.