SOLD Mary Richardson's 1836 Jam Packed Sampler

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(Detail photos give a better sense of this one, tough to shoot through the glass.)

I have tried but not been able to definitively place the Mary Richardson who completed this sampler in 1836 --found in Maine and I presume American despite based on what I take for homespun linen, but I am not an expert. In any case wonderfully jam-packed with alphabet and imagery and personal information and religious verse that I take as emblematic of the second Great Awakening. I love how King Street is represented with a crown, then flanked with two red birds and "God is Love" and then more birds and trees and vines and lion and heart and urn or basket of flowers, plus a blue wave border along the top. The triple alphabet and numbers 1-10 are a bit pale now but the text and lower imagery is quite bold. And, personally, I love that the thread-bareness of the area just around " when we die," as if pulled apart by Mary's own spirit! 

Framed, as found, under glass in a simple wooden frame: 17 1/4. X 11 3/4 . Sampler itself: 16 1/4 x 10 3/4”. Fading/toning as evident and a couple of holes as documented, but overall good condition and reads quite beautifully hung on the wall.