SOLD Mary Ann James' 1860s Sampler in Birds Eye Maple Frame

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I purchased this one from a seller who had it in her personal collection for many years and, like me, loved it for being colorful, and cheerful, and especially for that red brick house and those birds! Wool yarn on linen, I believe it is American, and was done by a Mary Ann James, age 11, with a date of either 1863 or 1866. I did find a Mary Ann James of Kaufman County, Texas born in 1852 (her parents originally from Kentucky and who later moved to Oklahoma), which would have made her 11 when she did this if the date is indeed 1863--so perhaps she's the one! There are a few threadbare spots and a few lost stitches, but the color is strong, especially on the imagery, and as a whole it really pops. Plus, professionally framed in birds eye maple. Very happy and sweet.

14 1/4" x 13 1/8" framed. Sight: 12 1/2 x 11 1/2". Good condition, with a few areas of wear/loss to the linen, as documented, and a few lost stitches here and there. Frame is in excellent shape and wired for hanging.