Mary and Edwin Scheier c. 1940s Signed Pottery Mug

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Very rare for me to come across a piece by Mary and Edwin Scheier that is within my reach, but this weekend in Maine I stumbled across a small bowl, listed separately, and this single mug, both in mint condition, and both I believe from the period during which they were teaching at the University of New Hampshire. Based on the signature on the underside of this mug, I know this is an early piece, dating to the 1940s I am pretty certain. As I believe the cup from which one drinks should be a great source of pleasure, I think this is one to buy for oneself and for one's own exclusive use!  

More about the Scheiers, from Cranbrook Art Museum's website:

Mary and Edwin Scheier’s lifelong collaboration began in the 1930s when both worked for the federal Works Progress Administration. After spending a year as traveling puppeteers, they were given the opportunity to experiment with ceramics at the Tennessee Valley Authority Ceramic Laboratory and turned to pottery. Although they were largely self-taught, they were soon winning awards in national competitions. From 1940 to 1960, they taught at the University of New Hampshire, Durham.

Vessels like this one show Mary Scheier's mastery of the wheel and admiration for Japanese and Chinese ceramics traditions. Edwin was responsible for the glazing and, a bit later, the figurative decoration that the Scheiers would become best known for.

3" in diameter; just shy of 4" across at handle, 3 3/8" t. Perfect condition.