Marvelous Pre-Columbian (Sprawling) Frog Vessel

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I purchased this piece from one of my favorite sellers in New Hampshire, a source of endless wonders from near and far. For certain it is pre-Columbian, but a bit tricky to know for certain from where--frogs were a common theme on effigy vessels from Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and beyond. (Based on manner, I might be inclined to guess Western Mexico,  but I am not an expert.) In any event, I can't find photos out there of another I love any more than this one, with the frog's head anchoring the base of the pot while its sprawling legs frame its neck and reach around the sides. Great color, excellent condition, really wonderful.

5 1/2" t x 6” d" including head of frog x 5 1/2” d in the opposite direction.  2 7/8” across at neck. Excellent condition, no notable chips or cracks or issues whatsoever.