Marvelous Pair of Clay Nudes on Big White Dog (Masonite and Plaster Base)

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Purchased at the Rhinebeck Antiques show from one of my favorite dealers--how could I ever resist these beauties and the charming white creature whose back they're perched upon?!  One part Lady Godiva on white horse, perhaps, but times two (and far happier), with maybe a nod, too, to 19th c. Staffordshire figurines featuring a young girl riding a very large dog. But in the end very much its own singular thing, I'd guess 1970s or so, with a definite feeling of liberation about it! I love the cape wrapped around the women, looking as if giving them wings, and making them, and the animal too, feel like mythological characters--or superheroes! Wonderful.

8 1/2" l x 6" t x 4 3/4" d. Sculpted by hand of clay with what looks to be a masonite base. The animal seems perhaps slightly lighter in weight than true heavy clay so perhaps some sort of polymer but I'm not certain-- hard and sturdy and sound whatever the case. Some general soiling to the surface which I'd just call patina.