Marvelous Early 20th C Scratch Made Folk Art Historic Deadwood Stage Coach

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Quite a wonderful old folk art recreation of the historic Deadwood stage coach this is, and, appropriately, found not far from Concord, NH, where the original coach was made by the Abbott-Downing Company in 1863. This coach was used for many years in the mountains of California, eventually traveling the trails across the Rocky Mountains and coming into use carrying gold from the Deadwood to the railroad, where its occupants fended off bandits and desperadoes as it travelled to and fro, and later becoming famous as it was used by Buffalo Bill in his traveling Wild West shows. All of this adds up to just the sort of thing one might feel quite compelled to recreate at tabletop scale, which I think the maker of this one did really wonderfully, imparting it with quite a sense of much travelled, western frontier spirit! Seat with rails at the front, all original glass windows and doors that open on each side of the carriage, hand-painted red lettering on both sides and on the leather canopy hanging over the boot, red and yellow painted carved wheels, the front ones on a axle that turns widely side to side. Quite a singular thing!

11" l x 8" w x 7 7/8" t. Early 20th c. I believe and in very good, sturdy and stable condition, with wheels that roll.