Marvelous Old Folded Paper Tramp Art Lidded Box

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I believe I have NEVER seen another folded paper/wrapper box I like as much as this one; the color on this is truly fantastic. I'd guess it is a mix of different sorts of wrappers that were used, folded one by one around bits of cardboard arranged in strata, and whoever made it had a really great eye in addition to investing a great deal of labor and care into every inch of it. I mostly pass these sorts of boxes as they can feel sort of one note, but this beauty is both all about craft and materiality while also transcending it. Really lovely. 

8" l x 5" d x 3 3/8" t. Lid sits flat atop the box. Very good condition, with a lot of years on it and a little loss here and there that I don't think detracts. Very structurally sound and sturdy.