Marvelous Folk Art Carved Sculpture of Seated Woman with Book, 9 1/2 Inches

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During this pandemic, I've been resigned to finding most of my finds online, which I was not previously used to doing. While my success rate is pretty good for purchasing things that match my expectations, occasionally I buy things that looked much better in photos, and which I then resign to a corner of the basement for some future yard sale! But sometimes, I'll unwrap something that will far exceed my expectations, as was the case with this carved sculpture, which is absolutely FANTASTIC, and now one of my very favorite finds ever. 

I'm not good identifying woods, but think she is carved of pine (she is quite light for her size) which has developed a wonderful warm patina over the years. The carving--really I want to say sculpting--of her body is gorgeously executed, imparting her with a great sense of strength and force (she rather reminds me of a figure from a Thomas Hart Benton painting, and I might guess she dates from the 30s or 40s?), all directed toward the book resting on her knees...what could be better?  As a result, it takes looking up at her in order to see her face, and also looking down  over her shoulder in order to see the lined pages of her book, which render the whole piece one to be actively engaged from every angle. Unusual and just terrific, and I think worthy of building an alter to! 

9 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide and in great condition.  There is a felt pad glued to the bottom, which I'd guess may conceal a signature, but it is well stuck on and I'm leaving it alone. Tons of photos because I love her so much!