Marvelous Molded Blown Glass Gilded Rabbit Shaped Perfume Bottle with Stopper

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One of my favorite finds ever...the sort of thing that I might only dream would exist, and then here it is, a perfect little thing. The glass is extremely light and thin, blown using a mold, or molds, I'd think, with gilding on the ears and wooden end of the stopper--which has its cork still well attached, and comes out easily. I found one other antique perfume bottle online to which it is similar--that one a gilded rabbit sitting on top of a glass egg, which is described as 19th century German, and which I've included in the photos. I see no reason why one couldn't fill this with perfume now, though I love how ethereal it is just filled with air. Really wonderful.

Very good antique condition, without a crack or chip or notable flaw that I can see. There is a tiny bit of gilding loss and a bit of stray gold paint just below one ear. 3 inches long x 1 1/8" wide x 1 3/8" tall.