Marvelous Early 20th C British Women's Field Hockey Match, Hand-drawn Postcard

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My very favorite thing about the fantastic pencil drawing on the front of this old British postcard are the two ladies at far left engaged in their own private battle. But I think the whole rendering of this fierce match is terrific, starring a Miss Lottie, it seems, labeled with an arrow at center, and yelling "it's not fair" as she runs! I love the outfits, the curly hair, the postures and very determined expressions, and then along the right edge the cheers from the crowd: "stick to it", "toot toot toot", "pip pip" etc. So good!

3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Good condition, with some light printed stain on front (maybe from another postcard) and writing in pencil on the back, signed Auntie Gussie!