Stunning Double Sided Antique Sanscrit Manuscript Page

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Not really my expertise (what is?!) but I believe this is quite old, (18th c?) I can't read Sanscrit, and don't know the narrative being represented, but I do know it's an exquisite thing, that makes me think I really need to start paying more attention to Indian manuscripts! I've gone back and forth on which side of the double-sided page I like better--I'm completely smitten with this pair of men in rich red, one with fists up the other looking as if gesturing to take it easy, but then this woman with her bow and arrow who has left a pile of men in ruins!  (The balletic gestures of their thin arms as they lay in a pile slays me, too.) The color and richness of the blacks, the gestures and details, the handwritten sanskrit, just gorgeous, and every inch filled. My new favorite thing (though there are several things I am quite in love with this week!) I'd definitely put in a double paned float frame so as to be able to view both sides.

9 1/4" x 7 7/8" and in very good condition. Paper is thin but strong.