Marvelous Antique Handmade Clown Doll with French Knot Embroidery Costume

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Pretty amazing! I don't know much about the origins of this charmer, but would guess Victorian era European, and whoever made him put quite an extraordinary effort into decorating most every inch of his knit body with thousands of tiny French knots. There are a few small patches of loss, and a few small mends to seams, but overall his is in very good shape, with the marvelous clown suit decoration on his torso entirely in tact--and the pom poms still on his booties, too! His face is embroidered, with two tiny blue glass beads for eyes, black yarn for hair, and then more French knots decorating his tall pointy hat. Inside is soft stuffing, but also what feels perhaps like some paper inside his belly, which make me wonder if he might once have emitted a sound when squeezed? In any event, quite a fabulous character I think. 

13 3/8" t x 3 1/2" w x 1 3/4" d. He won't stand on his own, but can balance if leaned against something. Stable condition and not especially fragile.