Marvelous Antique French Ironwork Madonna

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This holy beauty I know is French, 19th c at the youngest but I think perhaps a good bit older than that. The level of relief and detail on this madonna is pretty spectacular, from her serene face to her hair and exquisite drapery, to her one tiny foot peeking out below. And then these four lovely fat roses surrounding her like a partial halo. Pretty fantastic. Definitely this was cut from something larger, either a cross or some sort of trellis—a pretty clean cut. It won’t quite stand on its own but will stand if leaner, but would be most stunning hung (heavy, but not too heavy to hang easily)--quite substantial in size, with a terrific presence; really striking. My photos really don't do her justice.

10 1/4” t x 7 1/2” w. Weighs just under 3 1/2 lbs. Surface rust but with very little loss to the detail, excellent condition. Shedding just a little rust when handled but not much; very solid and sturdy.