Marvelous Antique Carved Folk Art Bust and Ball in Cage Whimsy - A Pair

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Little but hugely wonderful!  These two definitely have well over a hundred years on them, and I'd think well more than that. I'd bet were made from the same piece of wood; they are of the same width, and the little bust with stool legs stacks perfectly atop the ball in cage. They bear what I believe their original black stain/paint, which I think adds to a bit of mystery about them. Really great. And note the tiny carved "x"s on one side of the whimsy!

The bust measures 2 1/2" t x 1 1/8" w x 1 1/16" d. Ball in cage 1 5/8" t x 1 1/16" w & d. Overall great condition with a terrific patina. A little paint loss/wear most notable around the edges of the stool and on one side of the whimsy. Super sturdy and no splits or cracks that I can see. A bit hard to photograph as they absorb all the light! Sold as a pair.