Marvelous 1929 Ink and Watercolor Drawing, Man with Goatee

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I'm pretty obsessed with this small drawing/painting, and a very similar companion drawing of three women, including for the fact that I really can't pin them down. I know that they came from a portfolio of drawings dated 1929; this one is dated  4/4/29, and another from the same group is signed JK (or perhaps KJ).

The elegant, lyrical, definitely Art Deco influenced graphic style in which this goatee-d man is rendered reminds me of the watercolors of Pueblo artist Awa Tsireh from the same period (if you're not familiar, look them up, they are fantastic!) minus the traditional dress. Perhaps Latin or South American? A dancing male flapper? In any event, from his perfectly parted jet black hair, to his beautiful, flushed face, to the terrific lines of his body and gracefully gesturing long arms and fingers, to his very contemporary-looking v-neck and trousers with orange trim and yellow cuffs, I think he's really fantastic and believe I'd never tire of looking at him!

Ink and watercolor on wove paper mounted to a heavier weight brown backing paper. Overall dimensions 5 1/4" x 4 15/16". Paper size of drawing only: 4 1/4" x 4 3/16". Very good condition, super bright and crisp.  Pictured last is the dated companion drawing mentioned above, listed separately. I would highly recommend purchasing the two together!