SOLD Martha, Walter and Elfredia's Brushes with Carved Names and Fancy Inlays

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So fun, and clearly so much love invested in these. And hard to look at these and not want to know all about Martha and Walter and Elfredia...I'd say good fodder for a short story. The full scale and general nature of them makes me imagine that they were not made by a father for his children, say, but rather perhaps for a group of three siblings still living together in their old age...who knows?! How wonderfully crafted they were in any event, late 19th c. or so I would think, with each letter of each name carefully carved in capital letters against stippled grounds, surrounded by decorative inlay on all sides. And of course how to beat the the name Elfredia?! Fairly stiff animal hair bristles, with Walter's showing the most use--so perhaps it was Walter who made these, as he really needed one!

Martha: 10 1/8” l. Elfredia" 11” l. Walter 6 3/4. Faces are in excellent condition. Some loss to the bristles at the center of Walter's and a bit of bending to a few on the other two.