Marshall J. Rockwell Antique Pencil Drawings, Girl with Dogs and Portrait

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Continuing on my current favorite theme of girls with their dogs is this charming old pencil drawing titled "Watching the Storm." At first I thought this young woman  gazing longingly out the window had two dog companions with her, but I think there is another nose and shaggy head just to left of her elbow making it three! I love the faces of the dogs especially, and all of the details, from the leash in her hand, to the abandoned glove sitting sadly on the table in front of her, to the winding path into the distance glimpsed through the window. 

While I personally favor the dogs, there is a second drawing, a lovely portrait of an adventuresome looking young woman in hat,  clearly by the same artist, mounted on the reverse. This one is signed Marshall J. Rockwell. I have found one record of a Marshall J. Rockwell (1885-1979) from Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania, and as this drawing was found in Pennsylvania, and I'd guess it dates to the early 20th century, I think that might be him.

Both drawings are mounted to the same backing paper, so can't be separated. There is some darkening/yellowing to the paper; tearing around the edges of the backing paper; and light foxing and small stains here and there, but both drawings are still crisp with no apparent smudging, and whichever one you prefer will be great framed up.