Marion and Lucille Effie Morse's "Big Game" Notebook, Hallowell Maine

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The name Marion Morse, Grade IV, appears on the front of this old notebook, who I think may have been responsible for the beginning section in where are a series  of neatly transcribed poems about seashells and spring days, etc etc., but it appears to have been seized by six year old Lucile Effie Morse at some point, who contributed much more lively content! Pencil and crayon drawings of stars and carts, cats and chickens, flowers and houses, etc.--and my favorite a drawing of a tiny couple inside a heart inside an orange moon, with the phrase: "this moon isn't made of green cheese." 

8 3/8" x 6 7/8", 44 pages, most of them filled, a lot not interesting but the good stuff mostly pictured in photos, with photos representative of less interesting pages at the end. Fabric covering the outside spine of the notebook is loose half the way up but inside pages in good, clean condition.