Marguerite Evans Issacs, Large Mid-Century Oil on Masonite "Aerial View" Woodstock NY

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I purchased this one from the estate of an artist near me--I don't do a lot with mid-century art, but this painting struck me, and got better and better the more I looked at it. Skillfully done, with a complex and viscerally satisfying surface as well as a certain elusiveness that keeps me looking and looking again. Signed on the back Marguerite Evans Isaacs, Woodstock NY, and titled "Aerial View" - which makes perfect sense; perhaps that  blue is the Hudson River itself.  A quick search reveals that this particular painting was sold by Skinner in 2008 (for $237). Not a lot out immediately accessible about Marguerite Evans Isaacs, but American, 1911-1973, and a longtime resident of Woodstock, NY, where she lived for at least some period of time at the Maverick Art Colony. 

24" x 22", oil on masonite, good condition, uncleaned (whatever grime from the years has become part of the surface and feels all of a whole with it, I think in a good way. ) Shot in crummy lighting, that makes the bottom third appear darker than the rest of the painting, which is not the case. Much better in person.