Man with Cigar and White Horse in Backyard Standoff, Old Real Photo Postcard

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I've been looking a fair amount at real photo postcards lately, which is fun but also a lot of scrolling through a lot that are not at all interesting, at least to me! Often the ones I like are not very good photographs at all, technically at least--on this the horse is overexposed and the man very shadowed--but what a great backyard stand-off between the two, which one could read as something of a battle between good and evil! If you look closely you can see that he holds a cigar in his raised hand, and I really love the rather sad little tilt-y tree that stands almost exactly mid-way between the two of them. 

3 1/2" x 5 1/2". A little minor curling to the postcard and a little wear along the bottom edge. Unused back.