Man with Amazing Face and Breastcoat, 4x7 Inch Antique Tintype of Earlier Cased Photo

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Quite a presence this guy is--I believe a full plate tintype that was trimmed down some, 7" x 4" now. Being endlessly interested in photos of earlier photos, part of what drew me it that this is clearly that--a tintype of an earlier cased photo, likely a daguerreotype. And the size of the tintype would lead one to believe that whoever had it done wanted a large enough copy not to lose a detail! The seller I purchased this from thought his breastcoat to be printed with Federal eagles; I am not completely sure, but it may well be so--which would suggest he was veteran, perhaps even of the Revolutionary War, who knows? I think his face is amazing and makes me think of Klaus Kinski in a Herzog film. Definitely a character who lived a life, and an interesting one to keep company with now.

4 x 7 and in generally good antique condition, with a few bends and surface scratches.