Man of the Wood, Great Old Dramatically Encircled Carved Burl Face

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I presume this is an American folk art piece (making me think a bit of the work of Moses Ogden), though it also possesses a certain elegance that feels Native American, and the carving of the face reminds me a lot of Inuit carved stone heads. (I purchased it in Western Mass. from a dealer who sells a good deal of both Inuit and Native American pieces, but have no further information on it.) In any case, very expressive and wonderfully done, and with quite a bit of age to it, with the head carved of burl wood and both it, and the root dramatically encircling it, mounted to a thin, flat piece of wood backing with a wire hook for hanging. Beautifully aged, soulful presence, and keeps revealing itself in different ways the more I look at it. c. 1920s-30s I would guess.

6 1/4” t x 5 1/2” on the square; 3 5/8 x 2 1/4” face. Very good condition, sturdy and stable, with a nice warm patina to the dry wood surface.