Make it Moxie For Mine 1904 Moxie Nerve Food Co. Sheet Music

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I grabbed this antique Moxie Nerve Food Co. "Just Make it Moxie for Mine" piece (which was encased in a plastic slip) at a recent estate sale because I loved the graphics on the cover so much...not even paying attention to the fact that what I was looking at was the cover to a piece of sheet music. Pretty fun then to open it up to discover the Boston-based drink company's complete 1904 advertising tune, kicking off with the lyrics (by W. Pence Mitchell): "There are stories all over the country of women, of song and of wine / The sights you see there at the St. Louis Fair, of the beach in the bright summer time. But they're not in your thoughts a minute when your thirst makes you stand right in line / And the man in the apron says 'What will you have' / You say 'Just make it Moxie for mine!' Music by Bert Potter. 

Moxie (flavored with gentian root extract) originated in Lowell, MA in 1876 as a patented medicine called Moxie Nerve food and went on to become one of the first mass-produced soft drinks in the U.S. It continues to be produced and distributed regionally (especially popular in New England and Houston, TX); in 2018 Moxie was purchased by the Coca-Cola Company.

I’d probably be inclined to frame this, but might try to sing it a few times first! Very good antique condition, with just light aging to the paper and a couple of very small tears on the front. Four pages total - front, 2 inside pages, back. 10 3/4 x 14.”