Very Old Make Do Solitaire Game Made from Raisins Crate, with Forged Nail Pegs

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Like the old hand-drawn Parcheesi game board I just listed, which came from the same source, this old solitaire board is not for everyone, but I sure love it. It is about as make-do as it gets, made from one side of an old Del Monte seeded muscat raisins crate, with what look to me like hand-forced nails for the the pegs. The wood is aged with both water-stains and iron stain trails from the nails, and it really could not be any more basic, but to my eye it is quite beautiful in all of its humility, and makes me happy every time I look at it.  

I believe there were probably once eight more nails to fill the board excepting the one, with the intent of the game being eliminating pegs (nails) by jumping them until just one is left in the center hole. The nails come out easily and certainly others could be used to fill the rest of the holes should one want to take it down from the wall occasionally to play!

10 5/8" t x 7 1/4" x 3/4" thick, with a hanger on the back.