Make Do Folk Art Carved and Painted Two-Faced Baluster Man

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I could not resist bringing this piece into my care, at least for a bit! A great example of creative "make do" resourcefulness, it's an old stair baluster into which little faces were carved on both sides of one end, each with its own personality: one seeming almost on the verge of cracking a smile; the other looking quite distressed! (The eyebrows are my favorite.)  And at the other end, what could definitely read as a phallus!

Late 19th century or so I think, with the original red and black paint. Much more recently he gained a black painted wooden base into which the metal post at his bottom end will fit, enabling him to stand tall. (It does take a little finessing to get the post in firmly and balanced, but it will do). 16” tall and in very good condition. Definitely a warm and watchful presence to have around!