Magritte-esque Vintage Tabacco Jar with Hand-Painted Pipe in Relief!

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 I can't look at this fabulous vessel without thinking of Magritte's “Ceci nest pas un pipe!” I think it’s a vintage tobacco jar, which likely once had a lid, but which now I think would make a pretty great vase. It’s very nicely made, with the hand-painted pipe rendered in relief, additional relief patterns up the sides and around the neck, and a mark that looks sort of like a “C” on the bottom. While I’d like to imagine the maker of the vessel had Magritte’s famous painting “The Treachery of Images” in mind, I have no idea; I have not been able to determine much of anything about its origins, though I do think it is fairly old and might date to around the same time (1929). Truly the perfect gift for one’s favorite art historian (or pipe smoker, of course)!!!

Very good vintage condition, with a few tiny scuff marks/discolorations, and a few bumps in the glaze original to its making. 4” tall x 5” diameter, with an opening of 2.75" and 2.75" radius at base.