Magical Feeling, Much Decorated Victorian Domed Glass Jewelry Box with Interior Mirror

Regular price $195.00

To my eye and sensibilities, this box is pure delight, and a gift that keeps on giving, as its many layers of charming details are revealed. And to me it possesses about it the same sort of magical-ness as an ornate victorian wax diorama under glass I recently bought and sold--a sort of a miraculous world unto itself. Encased forever in the domed glass on top is a garland of flowers and leaves, fabric and brass and foil it looks to me, attached by wrapped wire to a stem and set against minty green. To either side is more glass, frosted and etched, I believe, with doily-like patterns, and then clear glass sides lined with actual paper doilies inside, advancing the theme. Lots of gold trim and embellishment everywhere else, and then more inside framing and adding flourish to a green papered interior and mirror on the interior lid. A very lovely example of a Victorian box of this sort, 1870s or so I would guess.

6 5/8 x 4 3/8 x 3” t and in very good condition. Very well care for, with just light general wear, mostly where the sides meet the bottom. It is a bit of a delicate so one wants to take some care handling it and moving it around. The hinge of the lid is quite sturdy and it opens and closes with ease.