Magic Halo Antique Ambrotype, Young Girl in Calico Dress

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I'm really into the effects of degradation that can emerge on ambrotypes and daguerreotypes over time, often feeling as if revealing something about the interior life (of after life!) of the subject. This I think is a very nice example, with bluish halo-like ring perfectly following the oval of the frame above this young girl, and then  exactly tracing the the hem of her skirt below--to me looking as if encircling her in order to beam her up, while her almost fisted hands planted on her skirt and her slightly defiant countenance make her feel as if determined to stay planted! Great calico dress and wonderfully unruly lock of hair, too.

6th plate ambrotype in a half case. Case measures 3 11/16" x 3 3/16". Good condition.