M. Hohner 1920s German "Super Chromonica" Harmonica in Original Box, Key of G

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I don't know a lot about harmonicas, but upon spotting this one on a recent outing I found it so beautiful, and its box too, that I couldn't walk away. I've since learned it's quite a fine one, and, after sanitizing it, played it a bit, and indeed the sound is marvelous. This 12 hole chromonic harmonica in the key of G features a sliding piece (at right), which redirects air from the hole in the mouthpiece, producing the same scale a semitone higher in each hole. Surely another good thing to occupy one's time during this long winter! 

I believe this dates to the 1920s or so and is a pretty classic one, which Hohner continues to produce in a very similar design. The box is in near perfect condition. There is one dent toward the right side of the top cover plate and one fine hairline crack to the surface of the wood on the back of the wooden comb, as pictured, very minor. Otherwise, very good condition. Box measures 6 5/8" l x 2 " w x 1 1/2" t. Harmonica measures 5 9/8" l (not including sliding extension.)

*note, since I am not an expert in harmonicas, should you purchase this and not be completely happy with it, it (and everything in the shop) may always be returned for a full refund!