Lyvia’s 1928 Handwritten Daily Diary with Wallpaper Cover

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Very faintly printed on the front of this handmade wallpaper covered book is Lyvia C. Moohil (I believe) Diary 1927. She actually began writing in it January of 1928, and proceeded to fill most every page with a brief note of the day: “Minister called” , “Dorothy’s sewing club met here,”  “Clyde worked here papering and painting," so and so came, so and so went, it was hot, etc.  On the end few pages a list of the nicknames of each state “Bear St.…Arkansas; Pine Tree St....Maine and then a list of birthstones for each month.  A very sweet example of a daily diary like this and I just love the look of all those not quite straight lines separating each day of pages filled with handwritten text. (And i really love the capital letters, occasionally written bakckwards.)

4 x 5 1/2. 16 pp mostly full front and back. Very good condition, with a couple of photos tucked in, as I found it.