Lubbers & Bell 1929 Puzzle Peg Game with Problem Guide

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I don't think the design of this Lubbers & Bell "Puzzle Peg" game could be any better--aesthetically, and also in terms of the endless options (and endless hours)  for possible play. I would keep the board out on the coffee table all of the time, and the booklet nearby--which is super useful and also super fun reading, containing 113 variations on the game submitted by avid players from around the country. In addition to illustrations, these include the name and location of the submitter, and pithy descriptions of their version, such as "Doesn't this look like a map of Lower Manhattan?" or "Stung again. The one in the corner is the bee."  This may be the only game one ever needs!

Lubbers & Bell made a few different editions of the puzzle peg game; I have seen another with a green board and red pegs. This one I believe dates to 1929 or so and it is in great condition. There is a tiny bit of wear around the lip of the board, and a couple of  minor stains to the surface of the checkerboard area, as documented. There is a small stain to the back page of the booklet and light wear to the edges of the box. 

The board measures 6 1/2" across. Box 6 3/4" square by 1 1/4" tall.