Loving Couple on Bench, Unsigned Vintage Clay Sculpture

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These two! A perfect valentine of a sculpture if I ever saw one, but really just a great thing. Wonderfully modeled, with faces facing, arms crossing, and legs flirting, and with fabulously painterly glazing--from their drippy blue features to their green and brown and blue outfits. With incised detailing for buttons, belts and laces in the shoes, and small sculpted breasts on the figure at left, while I think the one at right rather transcends gender. Naive in manner, but I believe the artist who made this know just what they were doing. Great from every angle, much better in person, unfolding and revealing itself over the course of 360 degrees.

8 3/4" t x 7 1/2" w x 5 1/2"d and in excellent vintage condition. Stands sturdy (and heavy) on the four fat lkow legs of the bench.