Lovely Set of Antique Bone Gaming Chips in Hand-painted Floral Boxes

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I'll never get over the beauty of these antique bone gaming chips/betting tokens, and the combination of colors and shapes and etched double borders on this set just makes me swoon. It is a near complete set of chips, which have been housed since the late 19th c. or so in these floral painted wooden boxes, which show some  wear but are lovely.  (There is a wooden tray as well that the boxes sit on, but it is missing one foot so unless you want it I won't included it). For me at least, just looking at a pile of these beautiful bone chips, whether in their boxes or spread across the table, feels luxurious and makes me feel rich!

97 chips total; I believe there were likely once 100 total. Long rectangular chips measure 2 3/16" x 13/16". Boxes approx 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" w. Chips are in very good condition, no cracks or notable damage, just old stains showing on a few. Painted wooden boxes show surface wear but are in good condition, with lids that come off easily and close tight. If you would like me to include the tray, just add a note in the notes field at checkout!