Striking Old Hand-painted Green on White Checkerboard Under Glass

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Photos really don't do justice to this one.  The board itself is gorgeously painterly green gouache or watercolor on cream paper or board, with a pencil drawn outline around the perimeter, and thin black ink lines around each square. It was set in a heavy, solid wood frame (oak I think), with glass over top, and I believe used to play on this way--quite a lot! The glass shows a (to my eye) wonderful pattern of surface scratching over the green (but not much the cream) squares, indicating diagonal sliding of playing pieces. There is some staining on the cream squares (I believe some combination of on the paper and on the glass), the latter of which I have not tried to clean as I think it is all to the good. This would be lovely hung on the wall or set on table; and either way would be a very good one to play on.

16 3/4" x 17 1/16" x 1 1/4" and weighs almost 7 pounds. Frame is in very good condition, with screws around the pedimeter should one wish to open it up. Some glare caught in photos. I might guess 1930s-1940s or so.