Lovely Old Bunched Fabric Pin Cushion

Regular price $75.00

I think perhaps this pin cushion may have been meant to represent a pineapple, with the red Christmas ribbon like the spiky greens on top, and with the pineapple being a symbol of gracious welcome. It also looks a little like a bunch of grapes, though--or a hand grenade!  What a charming thing in any case, feeling like a present or a whole bundle of them, with a wide variety of what look to me like shirt fabrics bundled up into colorful little nodes and stitched together to make a joyful hive.

4" t x 3" w x 2 1/4" d and in overall good shape, with some wearing through of fabric here and there to show white fabric underneath and not making it at all delicate. It looks to me like the red ribbon could be removed if desired--or used to hang it.