Lovely Native American Beadwork on Silk Pouch

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I am not certain the tribal origin of this purse, or pouch, which I found in New Hampshire, but it is definitely Native American, and a very lovely thing, certainly made for the tourist market, but I believe with quite a lot of years on it, though someone took very good care of the exterior, with very very minimal beading loss.  There is tearing and some loss to the interior cotton lining, and I have done a bit of repair to the top side seams, which are now quite stable.. There is a drawstring on the interior that I believe likely once exited through holes on the sides to tie on the outside, but I closed those holes in the interest of preventing beading loss.  Photos document condition thoroughly. I think better suited for display than use, the the drawstring will still cinch on the interior.

9 3/8" x 7 3/8". No tears or threadbareness to the silk on the exterior. Photos document the couple of spots where beading is lost or loose. Photos of exterior document first one side then the other.