Lovely Matte Green Glazed Early Zanesville Arts and Crafts Vase

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No matter how many I buy and sell, a matte green glazed Arts and Crafts vessel will always draw me like a magnet, and I'll never resist them if I can afford them (which is, sadly, not that often the case!) This one, with yellow clay exposed on the bottom, is Zanesville, from Ohio, 1910-20, and I believe was called a "Floral Elephant Leg Vase"  (#11). Pieces like this were made using molds, which softened/eroded with use, so that decorative surface details become less sharp. Here, one can see traces of a banded design around the top and a flower form on one of the facets, but they are pretty subtle, which I really like. Really lovely, and very useful; beautiful filled with most anything.

Very good condition, with no chips cracks or other flaws that I can see, just some glaze imperfections original to its making, which are part of what I think makes pieces like this great. 7 3/8" tall x 6" widest diameter.